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Time Out

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Time Out

Spending a week in the Peak District at the most idyllic location imaginable, really made me think about the importance of having “time out”.

It’s the phrase we often use on children to get them to sit still after they’ve done something wrong! we explain to them the reason for having time out is so that they can think about what happened and why?…

However living our lives, doing our chores, fulfilling our responsibilities, we never actually have the time to reflect and think about what we’re doing or where we’re going. What about the conversations we have with each other? Are they positive, negative, encouraging or discouraging?

In today’s world it’s all about how quickly you can reply to that email, text or call…we don’t actually think about the kind of energy we’re sending out, before we press that send button.

Have you ever read your response back before sending an email or text? Ever thought that maybe a more diplomatic approach would bring about a more beneficial result?

Taking time out is such a revitalising experience as it allows you the opportunity to think, relax and reflect. Taking a walk outdoors is said to strengthen your heart, boost your immunity and relieve stress. A simple walk in the park can be a great catalyst for you to really give thanks for your blessings.

Living in the 21st Century we need to force ourselves to have time out, otherwise whilst running on this treadmill called “life” we will get exhausted and run out of steam, energy and motivation. By taking one step at a time we allow ourselves to take in everything at a much slower pace- full of gratitude. We actually encourage our mind to slow down and appreciate what we already hold instead of chasing what we think we need most.

There will be times in your life that you won’t be given the choice to take time out…it will be standing at your door like a shadow you can’t escape..

Then what?

In my experience this only happens when the universe is trying to prevent a greater calamity… it’s when its exhausted all the avenues it can think of to get us to slow down, take time out, and think about the bigger picture.. but?

We carry on regardless, not because we can’t see the signs,  because we can and  not because we don’t want to make changes because we do… but it’s because of the overburdening of our minds which makes it so difficult for us to recognise the warning signs in the first place.

Yes this can sometimes be a harsh way to learn a lesson.. but remember the universe will never give you anything for your detriment.. as it will always have your betterment in mind…

So… take time out to think about who you are? Where you are? And in the meantime enjoy yourself, your loved ones, your blessings and live a life full of purpose…be blessed.


Excellent read:-  “Count your Blessings” by Dr John F Demartini