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The Mirror

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The Mirror

Who are you?

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you recognise that person who’s looking back at you?

If you could write a list of words to describe what you feel when you look at your reflection what would it be?

Blessed or Stressed?

Loved or Lonely?

Strong or Weak?

In control or Trapped?

Focussed or  Lost?

Happy or Sad?

Our mind has a habit of making us feel helpless and alone when things are not going to plan, and in turn the mirror which once gave us the confidence to handle any situation with honesty and courage starts to reflect back someone we don’t recognise..

So yes you could sit, reflect and dissect every wound you’ve endured…or actually you could take a more positive approach and look beyond what you see and decide how you want to feel tomorrow?

What do you want from your future?  What steps could you take to bring you closer to your goal?

Why don’t we start with four simple tools:-

1. Gratitude diary –Write a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life, from the smallest to the biggest! Then write a list of things that you WILL be grateful for once they arrive.  The purpose of writing this diary is to remind you, that you are already blessed, and that you are ready to receive more blessings as a result of your continuous appreciation for what you have.

2. Find your mirror – write the following words on a piece of pink card and place it on the mirror you use every morning -

“You are a beautiful soul who is loved and protected. Your life is full of blessings

And you have the ability to make your dreams a reality” 

Repeat this affirmation every morning and before you know,  it will form part of your morning routine. This will remind you of  the importance of self- worth and the fact that you are a unique soul who has so much more to give and look forward to in life.

3. Like attracts Like –Decide to give out a loving energy to every situation you encounter, be it at work, in your relationships or to yourself.  Think kind thoughts and say kind words, this will help the universe in ensuring that you receive a constant flow of love and kindness into your life.

4. Letting Go – let go of past fears and hurts, mediate and visualise forgiving people who have hurt you, forgiving yourself and letting them go. There is no benefit on holding onto memories that do not fill your heart with joy. Release yourself from this bondage so you can experience a happier you.

I pray that these tools help you on your journey and that your days are filled with a continuous flow of abundance!

Recommended reading:-  The Power, Rhonda Byrne