There are seven power centres in your body, called chakras. The state of each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body.

These are listed below and the associated colours:-


Root (base of the spine, front of the tailbone): red; “I am”, grounding, focusing, centring, keeping this chakra balanced helps the physical body and controls anxiety


Sacral (navel): orange; “I feel” creativity, energising, balancing this helps with physical power and fertility.


Solar Plexus: yellow; “ I do” this is the will power of the chakras, deals with laughter, joy, anger, tension. Keeping this balanced will calm emotions and frustrations.


Heart: green/pink “I love” this is the chakra that calms, soothes, relaxes us. Helps us be compassionate towards loved ones.


Throat: light blue, “I speak” this is the communication chakra and balancing this helps us communicate with ease and effectiveness. Once balanced it can either helps us speak more diplomatically or help us speak up for ourselves.


Third Eye (forehead or brow): indigo; “I see” this helps to promote psychic vision, and increases the power of though with clarity. Once balanced it makes it easier to use your intuition to see things.


Crown (top of the head): violet; shades of purple, colourless (clear), or white “I understand” this is where we keep our thoughts, mental emotions and by balancing these we understand the reason why. This helps with promoting thought in a logical way.