Crystals are formed from atoms and ions and have been around since ancient times. Their beauty and powers of healing have been recognised through history, and they have a magical way of drawing people in to attract them to the desired benefits that they most need at that time. There are hundreds of types of crystals with numerous healing properties and benefits ranging from attracting abundance to developing a true purpose of self-love.

It has been said that crystals vibrate at their own pitch and it’s these vibrational qualities that resonate with us at different levels, they help us find balance if we need it or give us energy and the motivation to move on if this is what’s needed at that specific time.

Clearing Crystals:

There are many ways to clear your crystals from unwanted energies before you start using them. These are the some of the ways that you can achieve this:-


Smudging – which is burning sage incense sticks and moving these over the crystals and around them to clear them of negativity so they are free to be used.

02- Running Water/Sun

Running Water/Sun – by holding your desired crystal in your left hand and let it run under running water for a minute and then placing this on a window ledge for 24hours so it can absorb the sunlight. Once done you can then put your intention to work with the crystal as you wish

03- Visualisation

Visualisation- by holding the crystal in your left hand you can visualise it being cleaned and re-energised, holding this thought for 5 mins and visualising the benefits the crystal will bring to you..

Crystal Healing:

This is an amazing therapy that includes using healing crystals that correspond with the seven major chakras in the body. The practitioner places the crystals on the different parts of the body, and then begins the healing treatment. During the treatment the chakras are balanced and a feeling of calmness and re-alignment occurs.





Crystals/Reiki/Crystal healing are not a substitute for conventional medicine. You should always consult a registered medical practitioner if you have a serious issue relating to your health. Complementary healing can work well as part of a health programme. The properties of the crystals are guidelines through research and my own experience and this is accepted by the client through their own choice.