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Inspirational Women

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Inspirational Women

It’s International Women’s Day on the 8th March & Mother’s Day on the 10th – what better way to celebrate women this month!

When I thought about the many women who have inspired me in my life, it made me reflect on the attributes these women possessed that attracted me to them in the first place. So I decided to make a list:-

  1. Positivity
  2. Patience
  3. Wisdom
  4. Kindness
  5. Inner strength

I grew up with a strong female support network who were always there to listen, advise and support. From grandmothers, to my mother, aunts, cousins, we all had this innate ability to counsel each other without even realising.

This definitely was one of the biggest blessings of being part of a large family where the women were a force to be reckoned with!

These were women who had the ability to let you grow as an individual whilst reminding you that every action has a reaction! I would say the greatest sense of security came from silently knowing that if any of us was ever to fall, there would always be a safety net to catch us with open arms.

I’m sure you will have experienced times in your life when the only thing that you’ve wanted is someone to listen to your fears and concerns. It’s not necessarily a solution that you’re after but more like a need for a genuinely interested soul.  Someone who makes you feel so comfortable and supported that discussing your problems actually makes you feel loved and cared for.

It’s at these times that women tap into their inner strength to hold each other’s hands, to let them know that this too shall pass, to encourage each other to believe that you have the power to move forward.

The biggest strength in so many women I have met is selflessness – its that inherent tenacious ability to carry on regardless and never give up! Only you truly know your story, and the trials and tribulations you have gone through to get this far, so you need to also at times allow yourself the opportunity to feel proud of the role you play in this drama called “life”.

A brilliant author Iyanla Vanzant is an excellent example of the strength that women possess. Her books are such an inspiration to women all over the world as she writes with such depth, openly discussing her deepest fears that when you read her story you can actually hear her whispering those feelings to you herself.

International Women’s day is a reminder to women everywhere, that no matter where you live, what you earn, wear, eat or drink you are connected with each other and it’s all about celebrating you!

So pat yourselves on the back, give thanks to your mothers, grandmothers, women who you have treated like a mother, mentor, any female who has been there for you through good times and bad!

Let’s celebrate the coming days and remind ourselves that we are all women of substance who will always strive to provide a positive role model for our daughters, nieces and younger female generation.

For me I would like to work towards being a woman who:-

Listens without judging

Supports without suffocating

Guides without leading

Challenges without criticising

Wherever you are reading this, remember that you deserve the best in life…and yes more blessings are on their way…x