header-galleryCrystals are formed from atoms and ions and have been around since ancient times. Their beauty and powers of healing have been recognised through history, and they have a magical way of drawing people in to attract them to the desired benefits that they most need at that time. There are hundreds of types of crystals with numerous healing properties and benefits ranging from attracting abundance to developing a true purpose of self-love.



Powerful healer.Good protector of energy, Good for calming children, Aids stomach upset, teeth, gums.

Stone of protection, Relieves pain/stress. Increases Spiritual awareness. Can assist in the healing of all kinds of addictions

Inner Guidance, Promote truth, Encourages forgiveness. Good for creativity, supports the throat.

Lucky stone, good for prosperity & career opportunities, helps you express love towards other people

Black Tourmaline
Protects all kinds of negativity, strengthens the immune system, creates calm environments and reduces absorption of negativity from others.

Blue Lace Agate
Calming stone, aids clear communication diplomatically whilst supporting the throat chakra. Excellent to help you keep calm and peaceful.

stone of vitality, “feel better stone” motivates success, increases energy, protects from bad vibrations

Cats Eye
Helps with confidence, eye problems, headaches, dispels negativity.

Stone of acceptance – Stone of change, acceptance of letting go, aids sleep, calms the nervous system

Feel better stone, helps achieve balance, self acceptance, helps fertility

Good for relationships, self esteem, abundance, wealth, learning & teaching

Clear Quartz
Cleanses the atmosphere, dispels negativity, good to use to prevent misunderstandings, aid calming environment. This is an excellent crystal for every home

Dalmation Jasper
Helps you let go of the past, the black tourmaline spots dispel negativity, calming stone

Stone for the mind, to aid concentration. Helps with nervous tension and insomnia.can increase will power, confidence and courage

Longevity, Serenity, Wisdom, Protection, Confidence

Stone of magic – mystical protective stone, reduce stress, can help banish fears, insecurities by calming an overacting mind.

Personal transformation, protects against negativity. Aids tolerance and flexibility, spiritual stone.

Stone of life cycles, new beginnings allowing you to go with the flow. Soothes emotional instability and stress. Good stone to use for meditation.

Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds. It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalising our hidden feelings. It can also help us to be successful in business.

Peacock Ore / Bornite
Helps creative expression, removal of self-imposed obstacles, helps grief.

Stone of action, helps you fulfill your dreams, create abundance and protection. Helps to overcome lethargy and fatigue.

Quartz Cluster
Calming, dispels negativity, feel good stone

Rainbow Fluorite
Good for focusing the mind, protection, good for eyes, ears, nose and throat.

Jasper – Red
Stone of action, helps you fulfill your dreams, create abundance and protection. Helps to overcome lethargy and fatigue.

Stone  of  generosity. Excellent wound healer, encorages calmness, gracefulness, generosity. Helps you balance your emotions and building confidence

Rose Quartz
Stone  of  unconditional love and inner peace. Helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth. Stone of universal love, love in marriage, relationships. Finest healer and releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache.

Smokey Quartz
Stone of practicality, Serenity & Calmness. Encourages Positive thoughts. Calms fears & Lifts depression. Beneficial for abdomen, hips, legs and heart.

Snowflake Obsidian
Stone of inner guidance. Balances body mind and spirit. Teaches you to value mistakes as well as successes. Calms and soothes.

Tigers Eye
Stone of balance. Good for Protection. Alleviates depression and lifts moods & energizes the emotional body. Good for the digestion.

Stone  of  vision. Balances physical emotions & spirituality. Treats the reproductive system aids healthy pregnancy. Supports convalescence and recovery from major illness.

Jasper – Yellow
All round healing stone, Aids relaxation  & contentment, Good for intellectual pursuits & energy. Good for digestion



Crystals/Reiki/Crystal healing are not a substitute for conventional medicine. You should always consult a registered medical practitioner if you have a serious issue relating to your health. Complementary healing can work well as part of a health programme. The properties of the crystals are guidelines through research and my own experience and this is accepted by the client through their own choice.